ear tunnels
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What are ear tunnels

This is an ear tube, also known as an ear tunnel. The jewelry is made to fit bigger earlobe apertures. A lot of individuals have a tunnel-shaped ear hole. Making a bold fashion statement is a commo...
Navel Ring
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When Can I Change My Navel Ring

You can change your navel ring once your piercing is fully healed. This usually takes about 6 months to a year. Signs that your navel piercing is ready for a new ring include no redness, swelling, ...
Tongue Ring
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What Is The Purpose Of A Tongue Ring

A tongue ring is a kind of body piercing that has acquired fame lately. It includes embedding a piece of jewelry, normally a free weight, through the tongue. Many individuals, particularly youthful...
basic ear piercing
basic ear

What is the basic ear piercing called

Getting a basic ear piercing is an excellent place to start if you want one. The most common kind goes via the sensitive inside of the ear canal. L lobe piercings are popular because they are strai...
cartilage piercing
Cartilage Piercing

where to get cartilage piercing

Knowing where to go is vital if you want a cartilage piercing. The best spots are valid jewellery shops, tattoo parlours, clinics, and piercing studios. These spots have skilled piercers and are ti...
Nose Ring
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What Does a Bull Nose Ring Mean on a Woman

Have you ever wondered why some women wear bull nose rings? This unique piece of jewelry is not just a fashion statement. It has deep cultural, personal, and social meanings. In this article, we wi...
 Cartilage Piercings
Cartilage Piercing

What Gauge Are Cartilage Piercings

Curious about cartilage piercing gauges? Cartilage piercings, popular for their versatility and style, come in various gauges. But what exactly is a gauge? And how does it relate to cartilage pierc...
Nose Ring
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When Can U Change Your Nose Ring

Are you eager to swap out your nose ring but unsure when it’s safe to do so? Changing your nose ring is an exciting step in your piercing journey, but it’s crucial to understand the right timing to...
ball piercing

What does basic mean for piercings

Everyone should know what "basic" implies when it comes to piercings. Simple and most popular forms of poked are called basic ones. They are well-liked because they heal fast and need little mainte...