ear tunnels

What are ear tunnels

This is an ear tube, also known as an ear tunnel. The jewelry is made to fit bigger earlobe apertures. A lot of individuals have a tunnel-shaped ear hole. Making a bold fashion statement is a common reason to wear this style. Ear tubes come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. Several additional materials, such as acrylic, metal, wood, etc., may be used. The comfort levels and styles of different textiles differ. No matter your skill with ear tubes, you may get any desired look by learning what ear tubes are. And you can learn how to use them securely.

What are ear tunnels?


Wearing ear tubes, often known as ear gauges, is made possible by big ear holes. An ear gauge requires a hole much more extensive than an earring's. This enlarged hole is a result of the earlobe gradually becoming more comprehensive. The completed item seems fantastic and is visible through your earring, much like a tube.


Ear tubes are visible because they expand the earlobe. The size of this hole is determined by how much the ear has been compressed. While some people like small, simple patterns, others like big, eye-catching ones. Anything having a hole in it is a bold choice in clothing.


What you need Your ear canals may be filled with various materials. 

  • Surgical steel (strong and allergy-free)
  • Titanium (light and safe for the skin)
  • Acrylic (affordable and colorful)
  • Silicone (soft and pliable)
  • Wood (natural)
  • Glass (smooth and allergy-free)
  • Bone (unique, traditional look)
  • These are common materials used in this fashion. You may use one of the two helpful ingredients depending on your taste and skin sensitivity.


    There are many sizes for ear tubes, measured in millimeters or gauges. The gauge number of a tube specifies its diameter. Earlobes are little at first, but they become longer to accept bigger holes. This exacting process protects the earlobe while ensuring a snug fit for the stud.


    Ear tubes come in a wide range of kinds. Some are simple, emphasizing the structure on its own. Some feature multicolored stones, including diamonds, placed or intricately carved. You may have an ear tube in whatever style you choose.

    How Are Ear Tunnels Used?

    Stretching Process: 

    Before putting in ear tubes, your earlobes must enlarge. You may gradually enlarge the aperture using a tapering tool or jewelry with a smaller gauge. Pulling on the earlobe too forcefully might tear it since it is delicate. Allow the earlobe enough time to heal in between size modifications.


    The ear tube should be implanted once your earlobe is the appropriate length. It looks like a tunnel, as the tube stays within the hole. Many tubes include screw-on backs or curved sides to increase safety. It stops them from falling out.

    What should I consider when using ear tunnels?

    Be careful

     Pay close attention to your long earlobes and tubes. If you want to avoid infections, clean your piercings and holes regularly. Use mild things to clean it. When working with pipelines, use care and never use harsh chemicals. To keep the tubes from sticking together, do this twice a year.


    An earlobe must be stretched over time and with consistent effort. When jewelry is removed, little strains may return to their original size. Extensive stretches most likely won't return to their original size. Consider your options carefully before choosing to expand your ears. It might have a lasting impact on your health.


    Gently extend your earlobes to prevent them from ripping or blowing out. It's a good idea to ask a piercer about the best materials and safest stretching methods. After piercing, ask how to care for it. This contributes to the process's safety and lack of discomfort.

    You may project a specific image of yourself when you use ear tubes. You can preserve the health of your earlobes and enjoy the unique look of ear tubes. You can get the best one by choosing the suitable materials, sizes, and patterns. Also, following the care and stretching rules can help you have it safely.

    What are the best types of ear tunnels and how to get them?

    Consider both substance and style while choosing ear tubes. This page features some of the best styles and materials and the most comprehensive selection.

    1 Pair 6-16mm Ear Plug Tunnel Double Flare Ear Gauges Black & Gold Ear Expanders. These practical and stylish tunnels have a chic black and gold pattern. Their twofold bend means no further closures will be needed. These exquisite caves are attractive and inviting and come in different sizes.

    1 Pair 8-18mm Ear Plug Tunnel Wood Ear Gauges Double Flare Ear Expander Stretchers. Use these wooden double flare ear expander stretchers. These high-quality wooden shoes are light, supple and easy on the skin. Their double flare design makes them safe, and the natural wood grain gives them a unique look. You will love these caves if you like the outdoors and simple elegance.

    1 Pair 3-20mm Acrylic Clear Green Ear-Tunnels Double Flared Stretchers Ear Gauges. These are appealing and lightweight, often made using acrylic ear tubes. It seems amenable to using transparent green plastic and is modern. Given its double width, you can wear them all day. These come in many sizes, and people with varying degrees of flexibility like these. Individuals with metal sensitivities could also benefit from plastic.

    8-19mm Golden Semicircle Ear Plug Tunnel Vintage Copper Expander Ear Gauges Piercings. These classic and exquisite half-circular gold ear tubes are very graceful. The size of these metal caverns is half that of typical spherical caves. Because of their antique look, they are best for anybody who likes modern takes on classic style. The double-stretch construction is both snug and comfortable.

    Where can I get these ear gauges?

    You can quickly get these and many more tools on the ZS Body Jewelry website. They guarantee quality and comfort with a large selection of stylish options. There is the best pair of ear tubes for any taste. You will find everything, whether it is antique, brighter, more natural-fitting, or contemporary. It's easy to browse ZS Body Jewelry's website and look at the newest styles.

    In a nutshell,

    Ear gauges are worn by people whose pierced earlobes protrude further than average. These shoes are both bold and stylish at the same time. You may show off your flair by selecting different colors, materials, and sizes. Ear tubes come in various materials, such as metal, plastic, or wood. If you wish to enjoy this style choice, know how to use it safely. Additionally, it will make you feel relatively safe and at ease.