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How do you know what gauge nipple rings are

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There are different sizes of nipple rings. The most common sizes are called 14G and 16G. The "G" stands for gauge. Much thicker than a 16G ring is a 14G ring. It's vital to pick the right depth because it impacts the ease with which the ring fits. Why does the thickness matter? It helps the piercing heal nicely and keeps it healthy. Also, you can select the depth that you like the best, as they all look different. Selecting the right thickness of your nipple ring is like selecting the right size of your shoe. For something to be cozy and beautiful to you, it must have an ideal fit. So let's begin the journey of finding the best nipple ring gauge. And with this detailed guide from us, you will be satisfied.

Basics of the nipple rings gauge

Gauges, or different levels of thickness, can be found for nipple rings. The typical range of measures for nipple rings is 14–16. Lower gauge numbers mean thicker jewelry. Choosing the correct gauge based on your piercing size and comfort is essential. Ask a professional piercer for advice on the best gauge for you. They can assess your anatomy and provide personalized recommendations. For nipple rings that are trendy and cozy, consider factors like material, design, and form. Opt for supplies such as titanium, gold, or surgical steel to avoid skin irritation. Be sure that the feel and look of your nipple rings are excellent.

How do I know what gauge nipple rings are best for me?

nipple rings

Selecting the ideal nipple ring size for you is like picking the right shoe. You need them to fit and feel comfy! To decide which size is ideal for you, follow these steps:

  • Talk with an Expert: It's an ideal plan to speak to an expert piercer, much as you might do when putting on new shoes. They are well-versed in every size and could help you pick the right one.
  • Popular Sizes: Small, medium, and large are typical sizes. For nipple rings, the sizes people usually pick are called 14G and 16G. stands for gauge, which is a way to measure how thick the ring is. 14G is a bit thicker than 16.
  • What Feels Good: Many people have many choices they make according to their taste. But you should pick a size that feels good to you. You might like a thicker ring, or maybe a thinner one that looks and feels better.
  • Healing: After getting a ring, it’s like waiting for a scratch to heal. Thickener rings may heal more slowly, but they may be stronger. Take proper care of it the way you would something new, no matter the size you select.
  • Switching Your Mind: It's fine to choose another size if you later change your mind! Like when you buy something in another size, you can switch to a larger or smaller ring. But it's best to hold off until everything has healed before getting advice from an expert.

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Can I wear different sizes for style?

Yes, once fully healed. Consult your piercer for advice.

Do nipple ring sizes differ for men and women?

Not really; it depends on individual anatomy and preference.

Does a thicker gauge hurt more during piercing?

Pain varies; thicker gauges might cause more discomfort.

Can I use any material with different gauge nipple rings?

Generally, yes, but choose materials like steel, titanium, or gold to avoid irritation.

How often should I check my nipple ring size?

Regularly check for discomfort; if you plan to change size, ask your piercer for advice.


In the end, picking the right thickness for your nipple ring is pretty important. Think of it like choosing the right size of shoe. The most common sizes are called 14G and 16G. 14G is a little thicker than 16. The best size for you depends on what you like, how it feels, and what a piercing expert suggests. It is like picking shoes that fit well and make you happy. Choosing the right thickness for your ring makes sure it looks nice, feels comfy, and heals right. So, the best thickness is the one that fits you and your style the best!