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How To Put Silicone Ear Tunnels In 8g

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Silicone ear tunnels in 8g size are super cool for those starting their ear stretching journey. They're soft and safe and come in awesome colors and styles. These tunnels are perfect for making a statement without any discomfort. Just like picking the right hat for a sunny day, choosing 8g silicone ear tunnels is all about comfort and style. They're a gentle way to begin your adventure in ear stretching.

Overview of silicone ear tunnels

Soft and comfortable jewelry for strained earlobes is silicone ear tunnels. They fit well and are easy to wear, in contrast to rigid fabrics. Their bright colors and stylish patterns are what make them so popular. For anyone who wishes to flaunt their sense of flair, they are ideal. Moreover, they are quite simple to install and remove. They're comfortable enough to sleep in as well! Regardless of your experience level with ear stretching—you may start with them and continue for years—they're a great option.

Importance of silicone ear tunnels proper sizing for comfort and safety

Ear Tunnels

For people who enjoy body art, silicone ear tunnels are a popular option. Choosing the appropriate size, however, is crucial. It goes beyond appearances. Appropriate sizing also ensures comfort and security. The following explains why silicone ear tunnel sizing is so important:

No Pain, All Gain

If your ear tunnels fit just right, you won't feel any pain. Too big, and they might stretch your ears too fast. Too small, and they might move around and irritate your skin. The perfect size means you can show off your style without any ouches.

Happy, Healthy Ears

When ear tunnels fit well, your ears stay healthy. There's enough space for air to flow. This keeps your ears clean and fresh. It means no nasty smells and no infections. Just like shoes that fit well and keep your feet happy, the right-sized ear tunnels keep your ears smiling.

They Stay Put 

Ear tunnels that are just the right size don't fall out. You won't lose them during sports or play. They stay snug in your ears, so you don't have to worry about losing your cool jewelry.

Looking Good

Properly sized ear tunnels look the best. They sit nicely in your ears, making your ear art look neat. It's like wearing clothes that fit well – you just look better!

Easy Peasy

When your ear tunnels are the right size, they're easy to use. You can put them in and take them out without any trouble. No fuss, no hassle. It's like slipping on your favorite pair of comfy shoes.

How to put silicone ear tunnels in 8g?

Let's walk through how you can wear your cool ear tunnels safely and comfortably:

Clean is Key 

First, make sure your hands and your earlobes are super clean. Use some mild soap and water. This keeps away any yucky germs and makes everything safe and clean for your ear tunnels.

Check Your Tunnels

Before you start, look at your silicone tunnels. Make sure they're clean and there are no tears or rough edges. You want them to be perfect for your ears.

Lubrication Helps

A tiny bit of lubricant can make things much easier. You can use a special ear stretching balm or just a little water. This helps the tunnel slide in smoothly without any ouches.

Squish and Fold

Gently squish your silicone tunnel so it's narrower. Some people like to fold it in half. This makes it smaller and easier to start putting into your earlobe.

Gentle Does It

Carefully start pushing the squished or folded tunnel into your earlobe. Do it gently and slowly. No need to rush. Your ear needs time to adjust to the tunnel.

Let It Pop

Once the edge of the tunnel is through your earlobe, gently let it go. It should pop back into its normal shape. This means it's sitting just right in your earlobe.

Check the Fit

Feel around the edge of the tunnel. Make sure it's not folded or twisted inside your ear. It should be comfy and sitting flat against your earlobe.

Keep It Clean

After your tunnel is in, give your ear a gentle clean. This keeps it fresh and helps your ear stay happy and healthy.

The importance of patience and proper care when putting silicone ear tunnels

Here's why taking your time and caring for your ears is super important:

Happy Ears, Happy You

Rushing can hurt your ears. If you push the tunnels in too fast, your ears might get sad and sore. It's like when you eat your ice cream too fast and get a brain freeze. Take it slow, and your ears will be happy and pain-free.

Keep It Clean

Clean ears mean no icky infections. Before you touch your ear tunnels or ears, wash your hands like you're a doctor. Clean your ear tunnels too. This keeps germs away, just like brushing your teeth keeps cavities away. Clean ears are happy ears!

Listen to Your Ears

Sometimes, your ears might say, "Wait, we're not ready for this yet!" If your ears feel sore or if they tell you they need a break, listen to them. It's like when you're learning to ride a bike. If you fall off, you don't just hop back on. You take a moment, right? Your ears need that moment too.

Aftercare is Super Care

After you put your tunnels in, take care of them. Use saline solution (that's saltwater) to keep them clean. Turn your ear tunnels gently when you clean them. It's like giving your ears a little hug every day.

Final words

8g silicone ear tunnels are a fantastic choice for anyone stepping into the world of ear stretching. They offer comfort, style, and a safe way to express yourself. Remember, like any journey, starting with the right gear makes all the difference. These tunnels are like your first pair of training wheels—safe, reliable, and super fun. Embrace your unique style and enjoy the comfort and flair that 8g silicone ear tunnels bring to your ear stretching journey!