basic piercings

What are basic piercings

Are you going to get pierced? Having piercings is a fantastic way to show off yourself! There are various types, like piercings for the nose, lips, eyebrows, and ears. If you're new to pierces, these are an ideal place to begin. They're called basic piercings. Simple piercings are allowed. You can display your personality and sense of style with a unique one. It's vital to choose suitable jewellery when getting pierced. The best elements are high-grade ones, like titanium or stainless steel. Try to see if the jewellery is cosy and suits you well. It's vital to take care of it! Your piercer will advise you on care and steps to take while it cures. By obeying these steps, you can maintain the look and correct the healing of it. Studying simple piercings is an ideal place to begin. Are you curious about receiving one, or do you have plans to try it? They're innovative ways to show off yourself and spark up your looks!

What are basic piercings?

The Earlobe Piercing

Having your first sticker that says amazing is like getting an earlobe pierced. It's simple to put on, simple for most people, and an excellent way to add a little shine to your earrings. Your earlobes will heal quickly. If you want to explore placing jewellery on the earlobes, this is an ideal place to begin.

The Cartilage Piercing

People who like to style along with their earlobes can go with cartilage piercings. Think about changing your ears into a tiny display of trendy rings and gems! These ones are set in the top area of the ear. When they pass by a more significant part of your ear, they can feel slightly ticklish when you first think of it. Since they take time to heal, they enable you to display a sense of action.

The nose piercing

A little glow or a cute ring can be put into your nose one by one. On the side of the nostril, you'll find a choice of putting a tiny gem. It can be a ring that goes down the centre of your nose, or it could have a little stud at the top. You may display what's unique in every form in various ways.

Navel Piercing

Something beautiful on your stomach is the navel piercing. The summer season is the ideal time to put it on so you can display it at the beach. This pierces the top of your belly area. It may even be covered with lots of colourful, dazzling jewellery. It's an elegant way to show off your body and add sparkle.

The Tongue Piercing

It is similar to carrying a hidden gem inside your mouth. Your mouth may help in the quick recovery that follows a tongue piercing. But you must first check what you decide to eat and be highly careful to keep it clean. Getting anything unique to you is a lovely feeling.

The procedure of lip piercing

There are a lot of different kinds of lip piercing. You can put a lovely gem, a stud under your lip, or maybe two piercings like a snake's fangs! With this stylish style, you can display your smile and give your look an extra twist.

Eyebrow piercing

People who like to express themselves could think about having an eyebrow. It can be placed everywhere on your eyebrow to give your look extra flair. Adding some shine and metal to your clothes with a dazzling stud or stylish ring is a lot of fun.

You can display your sense of self and design yourself with each one of these piercings. It's equal to selecting an outfit or hairstyle. But remember that having piercings is a significant decision, and correct care is vital. When it comes to maintaining the hygiene or joy of your new shine, always ask a specialist and obey their advice!

What are some piercing jewellery ideas?

Horseshoe Septum Rings for Lips: The septum rings are stylish and suit the lips. They are adaptable and come in different looks. Get one crafted from safe materials like gold or stainless steel. For less pain, verify that it suits your lip well.

Round Belly Button Ring for Navel: Nowadays, these rings are so stylish. Pick a simple circular one made from safe elements such as stainless steel. To avoid discomfort, ensure that the size matches your belly button correctly.

The Snowflake Eyebrow Ring for: Eyebrow Piercing is elegant. Choose an item that's made of solid elements, like titanium. To avoid it getting stuck, check that it correctly matches your eyebrow.

Tongue Rings Ball for Tongue: Tongue rings are relaxing. Take care when picking safe choices. Spend money on a plastic or surgical steel barbell. To avoid chewing, verify that the balls are tightly bound.

Black Butterfly Nose Studs for Nose: Nose studs look classy. Select a stainless steel-made black butterfly that can be built properly. To avoid it from coming out, ensure it fits well in your nose.

Opal Septum Ring for Cartilage: Septum rings are stylish for cartilage piercings. Be sure you pick one built from safe materials, such as stainless steel. Ensure it goes correctly in your ear so you don't get irritated.

Moon Stud Earring for Earlobe: Putting on earrings is exciting. Pick moon-shaped earrings made from safe elements like stainless steel or diamonds. To prevent them from slipping off, confirm that they have solid backings.

Where can I buy the best piercing jewellery for my piercings?

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What are some common aftercare steps for basic piercings?

Please keep it clean with a saline solution and avoid touching it too much.

Are basic piercings reversible if I decide to remove them?

They usually are, but there might be some scarring.

Are there any age restrictions for getting basic piercings?

Minors usually need parental consent, depending on local laws.

Can I get multiple basic piercings done at once?

Yes, but consider pain tolerance and healing capacity.

What should I consider before getting a basic piercing?

Think about placement, jewellery style, aftercare, and lifestyle factors.


To wrap it up, having a few simple piercings is an ideal way to show off yourself and add some original style. Since they may feel quite tricky at first, they will heal quickly and rapidly with proper care. Keep in mind taking your piercer's advice and taking care of the hygiene of your piercing. Would you like to go for a bolder look or get an earlobe pierced? Each of them is a tiny piece of your tale. Thus, showing off your body piercing and notifying them is an exciting way for you to convey who you are!