Dermal Anchor

How Much Do Dermal Anchor Piercings Cost

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Dermal anchor piercings are a cool trend in body modification, letting you express yourself uniquely. Small anchor-shaped bases under your skin become a canvas for creative jewelry. You can showcase your style in various personalized ways. As dermal anchor piercings get more popular, knowing why people love them becomes important for those joining this stylish trend.

What’s the difference between a dermal and a surface piercing?

The key distinctions between these two styles help you make an informed choice based on your style and preferences.

Location and Depth

Dermal Piercings: These involve implanting a small anchor beneath the skin, allowing for jewelry to be placed almost anywhere on the body. The anchor sits beneath the surface, creating a unique and versatile look.

Surface Piercings: These piercings go through the skin's surface, entering and exiting at distinct points. Common areas include the nape of the neck, collarbone, or hips.


Dermal Piercings: The process typically involves using a dermal punch or needle to create a small pocket in the skin where the anchor is inserted. The body then heals around the anchor to secure it in place.

Surface Piercings: Piercers use a needle to pass through the skin's surface, inserting jewelry that lies flat against the skin. The jewelry may have a barbell or surface bar design.


Dermal Piercings: They offer greater versatility in jewelry placement due to the anchor's unique design. Dermal piercings can be strategically positioned for artistic expression.

Surface Piercings: Limited in terms of placement due to the nature of the piercing going through the skin's surface. Common areas are often dictated by the body's contours.

Healing and Aftercare

Dermal Piercings: Healing time can vary but typically takes several weeks. It's essential to keep the area clean, avoid excessive movement, and follow aftercare instructions provided by your piercer.

Surface Piercings: Healing times are generally longer than traditional piercings, and care involves keeping the area clean and avoiding trauma to the jewelry.


Dermal Piercings: Known for their longevity, with proper care, dermal piercings can last for years without complications.

Surface Piercings: Due to their placement, surface piercings are more prone to migration or rejection over time, especially if not properly cared for.

How Much Do Dermal Anchor Piercings Cost?

Dermal Anchor

After becoming enthralled by dermal anchor piercings, you inevitably want to know how much they cost. Within the field of body alterations, dermal anchor piercings are a distinctive and fashionable means of expressing personal style. Let's go on an adventure to find out how much this unique style of self-expression costs.

To provide a visually arresting effect, dermal anchor piercings, also known as microdermals, include implanting a tiny ornamental object beneath the skin's surface. Several variables can affect how much these piercings cost.

Professional Expertise Matters

Selecting a proficient and knowledgeable piercer is essential for a successful and secure dermal anchor piercing. Selecting a reputable piercing studio may result in a little greater cost, but the guarantee of expertise and hygienic conditions justifies the expenditure.

Jewellery Quality

Your choice of jewelry kind has a big impact on how much it will cost altogether. While premium materials like titanium or surgical steel may cost more, they guarantee longevity and reduce the possibility of problems.

Location, Location, Location

One factor that may affect the price is the piercing studio's location. Smaller towns or rural places may provide more affordable alternatives, whereas urban areas may have higher pricing owing to greater overheads.

Bundle Deals and Discounts

A few piercing parlors provide discounts or bundle offers for several piercings. A cost-effective strategy to express your style without going over budget is to ask about possible discounts if you plan to get many dermal anchors.

So, How Much Are We Talking About?

A single dermal anchor piercing can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 on average. However, given the previously indicated variables, this estimate could change. Keep in mind that choosing a trustworthy piercer guarantees a more secure and comfortable experience; it's not only about the price.

Advice on Affordable Piercings

  • Look for reputable piercing studios that emphasise professionalism and safety while conducting your research.

  • Select items that align with your spending limit and uphold safety and quality requirements.

  • If you want to have many piercings, think about package deals as a way to save money.

What You Should Know Before Getting a dermal anchor piercing?

Obtaining information that will help you through the procedure is crucial before starting the path of obtaining a dermal anchor piercing. Here are four things you should think about:

Choosing a Reputable Piercer

Finding a trustworthy and skilled piercer is the first step when thinking about getting a dermal anchor piercing. Seek out experts who have completed dermal anchor piercings successfully. Finding a reliable expert might be facilitated by reading reviews or asking friends for referrals.

Understanding the Healing Process

Dermal anchor piercings need a great deal of patience. To prevent difficulties, it is essential to learn about the healing process. Dermal piercings usually take a few weeks to heal, and during that time you will need to adhere to the aftercare recommendations that your piercer has given you.

Location Matters

Both comfort and aesthetics are greatly influenced by the location of your dermal anchor piercing. The healing process may be impacted by certain bodily parts being more mobile and prone to friction. Select a spot that fits your vision and way of life by speaking with your piercer.

Material Matters Too

Comfort and general well-being are greatly impacted by the type of jewelry used in dermal anchor piercings. Choose materials that are widely recognized for their corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, such as titanium or surgical steel. Talk about your choices with your piercer so that the jewelry selection complements both your body type and style.

Final words

An increasing desire for uniqueness and distinctive self-expression appears in the rise in popularity of dermal anchor piercings. Dermal anchor piercings stand out as an enticing and customisable alternative as more individuals look for unique ways to beautify their bodies. These piercings are appealing because of their adaptability and distinctive style.