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What size septum ring do piercers use

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Do you ever try to show your style to the world by piercing? It is a brilliant way to show your style uniquely! But before we start, let's talk about the ring size your piercer will use. Also, we must remember that the pierced area should be adequately healed. And consider the quality of the ring to be comfortable. This article will discuss some standard sizes experts use for piercing. You will quickly get your best size after reading this guide! It does not matter what your expertise level is. This guide is ready to help everyone. With us, you can explore the world of septum rings of all kinds. In this article, you will find the best roadmap to getting your septum's exact size. So, are you packed up for an adventure? Okay, let's begin the trip, find the best size, and make your piercing wonderful!

What size septum ring do piercers use?

When getting a septum piercing, piercers choose a ring size that fits you best. They often use a 16G or 14G ring. It indicates that the thickness of the ring is 1.2 or 1.6 mm. And they pick a ring that is suitable in size, usually between 3/8" (9.5mm) and 5/16" (8mm). This size can be good if the nose swells a little after a piercing. Picking the correct size is crucial. It ensures the ring will be stylish, relaxing, and supportive of nose recovery. Because every nose is unique, the piercer carefully selects the right size for you. They study how it will look on the nose and aid recovery. Try replacing the ring if you want to revisit it once your nose heals. You can get tips from your piercer about the correct dimensions and designs of new rings. Also, knowing when it's safe to take them off is essential. Always note that talking with your piercer is a good option. Their skills are in making an easy and fast recovery for your septum piercing.

What are the types of septum rings?

septum ring

Septum rings can be found in a range of unique styles. Let's look closer at what divides each kind:

Captive Bead Rings: Imagine a circle that holds a tiny bead that clicks into a fit. This bead can be simple or bright, adding to the ring's trendy look and safe fit. These rings are great because they are simple yet still display some style. For those who want to keep things neat, they're great.

Horseshoe Barbells: The rings have tiny balls on each end that resemble horseshoes. They can be turned into various sizes or colors, so pairing them with your outfit or attitude is fun. They may alter the look of your septum piercing and are quick to care for.

Seamless Rings: These rings are perfect, with no breaks at all. When you bend them open and shut, these look like one solid, ideal circle. They are made for those who like a simple, stylish, and clean style.

Segment Rings: segment rings offer a rising part that aids entry. The ring looks full once the part is fixed. Anyone who wants a flawless look without needing to deal with the work of pulling the ring open will love them.

Clickers: Clickers are easy to use as they have open and closed actions. They're ideal for completing your septum piercing. They often have lovely designs or dazzling elements. Clickers may be the perfect piece of jewelry if you enjoy striking pieces.

Retainers: This is ideal if you need to cover up your piercing for a job or school. They flip up to your nose and mix in with your skin tone or are clear, so they're invisible to others. They keep the bareness of your piercing with no attractive focus on it.

Tusks and Spikes: If you like unusual looks, tusks and spikes are fun options. They are made of bone, wood, or metal and dangle off your nose. They have a unique look and are showpieces.

Plugs: If your septum piercing is more prominent, you can use plugs to close the gap. They vary in size and design from beautiful to primary. Plugs are excellent for people who have flexed their piercings and are ready to try a fresh idea.

Septum rings offer many designs that enable you to display your unique style. There is a septum ring for you, regardless of your taste and design. Mixing up your septum jewelry is an ideal way to express your style. So, pick the piece that gives you a lot of joy!

Where can I get the septum rings in my size?

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How big is the septum ring that piercers use?

Piercers usually start with a size between 16 and 14 gauge for your septum piercing.

How do they pick the right size for me?

Piercers look at your nose shape, size, and what you like to find the best fit.

Can I choose my septum ring size?

Piercers suggest sizes, but they often consider what you want for a comfy fit.

Is there one size for everyone's septum ring?

No, it depends on your nose shape. Piercers pick sizes that work just for you.

Do they use different sizes for the first ring and after it heals?

Yes, the first ring is a bit bigger to handle the swelling. Later, you can switch to a smaller, more comfortable ring.

What if the ring is too small or too big?

Too small might hurt; too big might move too much. Both can slow healing.

Can I change my septum ring size later?

Absolutely! Once healed, you can choose a different size with your piercer's help.

Are there standard sizes for septum rings?

Common ones are 16 to 14 gauge, and diameters range from 8mm to 12mm.

What if I want a unique size for a particular style?

Many styles come in different sizes. Your piercer can help you find what fits your style and feels good.

When can I change my septum ring size after getting it pierced?

Wait about 4–6 weeks after the swelling goes down. Ask your piercer for the best time based on how your piercing is going.


So, the right size for your septum ring is vital for a comfy, relaxed piercing experience. Piercers usually start with 16- to 14-gauge sizes, but it's not a one-size-fits-all deal. They look at your nose shape, swelling, and what you like to find your perfect fit. You can switch to a smaller, snazzier ring as your piercing heals. In this case, you can show your unique taste! Remember, your piercer is the expert in this work. So, working together with them ensures your septum journey is stylish and comfy. So good luck with your upcoming happy septum piercing!